The Usual Dash of Sex

From Ngaire’s journal, 30th April 1955
I have been learning how to use the new sewing machine. This evening we went to the Student’s Revue at the ‘Civic’,  which was very good with the usual dash of sex.’

I love this journal entry, but it’s not my favourite. That would be this one:

5th May 1961
Gerald and I have been to the Revue. It was the usual lavatorial sex show.’

Obviously a dash of sex wasn’t enough to put Ngaire off.

Scenes from Univ. of Canterbury recruitment film 1964

Once I read this, of course I was desperate to know more about the Student Revues, but I haven’t had much luck. What I have found though, is a promotional film made for the University of Canterbury in 1964.

The film (an indulgent 32 minutes)  includes wonderful footage of Christchurch and Canterbury, including of Christchurch airport (which brought back many memories for me).

And then there’s the students, fabulously dressed (look out for the rather formal law tute) and on the cusp of a new era.

Scenes from Univ. of Canterbury recruitment film 1964

There’s an academic procession through the city (and a less formal procession through the river Avon) but absolutely no mention of a lavatorial sex show. Which is a shame really.

Finally, just goes to show that nothing was sacred, here’s Ngaire’s report on the Revue of 1957:

4th May, 1957
This evening Gerald, Warwick and I went to the Student’s Revue. The theme was the South Pole, which was lost in Cathedral Square. The statues of Godley, Captain Cook (Cock) and Captain Scott (Scoot) were the chief ‘stars’.

As Ngaire once wrote, ‘we are not very narrow minded, but…


The photographs on this post are stills from the promotional film mentioned. The film was been posted on YouTube by the University of Canterbury.



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