Happy Birthday Caroline

From Ngaire’s journal, 4th February

My mother Caroline with her father Gerald and Grandfather Henry Mottram(top left), with Ngaire (top right) and celebrating her birthday with friends at the orchard (second from left, back row).

Carol’s 11th birthday.  A party was out of the question on account of the Infantile Paralysis epidemic.

Caroline’s 18th birthday. We gave her a Glory Box.

Carol’s 21st birthday. We were busy all day preparing for the party. Phyllis came in the morning and I don’t know what we would have done without her help. She made the fruit punch and the fruit salad and did other things.
Cain’s caterers did the supper which included sandwiches, savouries, cakes and Pavlovas, and it was delicious.


Mottram family party, 1950s

Mottram family party, 1950s

Happy Birthday Mum!

For those of you with a crowd to entertain, here are Ngaire’s quantities for Fruit Punch.
Keep in mind that these quantities are based on very lady-like 30z servings — she may have used Champagne saucers or even small tea cups.

Ngaire’s Fruit Punch for a party

Number of servings*:




Cold tea

8 cups

4 cups

2 cups


900 gms

450 gms

225 gms

Pineapple juice

4 cups

2 cups

1 cup

Lemon juice

4 cups

2 cups

1 cup

Orange juice

4 cups

2 cups

1 cup

Grapefruit juice

4 cups

2 cups

1 cup

Lemons for garnish




Also need mint for garnish.
*Based on delicate 3 oz (85 ml) servings.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Caroline

  1. Must be how they managed to fit into those gorgeous gowns! Mum still has thegreen shawl, and it’s in her glory box at the end of the bed!! Sadly no sign of the dress, although she did keep quite a number of them. Probably got made over (or wrecked as a dress up). M


  2. Thankyou! We have just got back from Torquay – had a nice lunch at the RACV Resort then went for a walk battling a southerly gale! Are back home for a bit of a rest then tonight are going to St Mary’s to hear the Cologne Philharmonic Choir – should be a treat. Love, Mum


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