Thank Goodness

From Ngaire’s journal, 1st September, 1951
Polling Day.  The National Party has been re-elected, thank goodness.’

Melbourne, 1st September, 2012

I thank goodness for:

My dad Stan

My dad Stan

  1. Dad.  It’s Father’s Day today.
  2. Spring.  The novelty of Winter has well and truly worn off.
  3. Only six more days until Polling Day.  It’s been a very dispiriting campaign.

My parents are holidaying in Queensland  (home of the very entertaining Palmer United Party and Katter’s Australian Party), so I didn’t see Dad today.  He’ll be having a ball up there, following all the goings on.

Sunday Night Coffee Sponge

Sunday Night Coffee Sponge

We celebrated Father’s Day today with Oasis Bakery’s Big Lebanese Breakfast (yum) and tonight I made a coffee sponge from Ngaire’s recipe book.  Mum often made this for special Sunday night teas when we were growing up.  She made a wicked whipped butter and sugar filling with glace cherries and walnuts, but tonight we had it with sort-of-fresh raspberries (from the freezer) and cream.

My cake was a bit gooey in the centre.  Because I didn’t have any coffee essence, I tried to cheat by adding a (very) short black coffee to the mixture and a little extra flour.  Truth being the first casualty of any campaign,  I told the family it was a coffee fudge cake and was meant to be that way.

Sunday Night Coffee Sponge (3 Minute Butter Sponge)

Grease and line an 8″ round cake tin and preheat the oven (180 degrees).
Sift 7 oz flour into a basin then stir in 6 oz of sugar.
Lightly beat 3 eggs with 2 tablespoons of milk.
Stir in the eggs then add 3 oz of melted butter. Beat vigorously for 1 or 2 minutes until it forms a nice smooth batter.
Add 1 dessertspoon of coffee essence and 2 tsp baking powder.  Beat gently for just  long enough to combine the ingredients well.  Bake for approx 40 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness

  1. Ooooo. Two excellent breakfast ideas! I haven’t tried Oasis’ big brekkie – must rectify that. Very happy for any excuse to head there. Coffee sponge would also make a lovely brekkie, surely.


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