Only a Genius

From Ngaire’s journal, 15th August, 1949
The children and I went to the Industries Fair after having coffee and crumpets at the Sante Fe for a quick lunch.
The most interesting display was “Pixie Town” – hand made puppets which only a genius could make.  One show was of a school, another of a band, a ship building yard and a pleasure boat, only to mention a few and they all worked by electricity!”

1949 New Zealand Industries fair, Christchurch

First Day Cover: 1949 New Zealand Industries Fair, Christchurch

This entry sent me searching for my collection of New Zealand First Day Covers – I was sure there would have been one for the Industries Fair.  I was right, but my filing system let me down and I had to resort to the internet (powered by the magic of electricity) for an image.  I also spent some time on the web (genius!) looking for evidence of the Sante (or Santa) Fe Cafe in Christchurch.  I had no luck, but did come across Gwenda Turner’s beautiful book on the city which has been re-released since the 2011 earthquake.

By the way, the image used is from this New Zealand  First Day cover site.

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