For the Glory

From Ngaire’s journal, 20th June 1959
I have finished a white satin ‘nightie’ for Carol’s box. I have made a yoke of point lace design, joining the satin flowers and leaves with the piping.”

The assembly of my mother’s glory box kept Ngaire occupied for years.  She sewed aprons, oven mitts and night dresses, embroidered place mats, doilies and napkins, and produced at least one tapestry teapot holder.  What she didn’t make she shopped for — mainly at Ballantynes of course. (For those of you not from Christchurch, Ballantynes is a very smart — Ngaire would have said superior — department store.)



The collecting started when my mother was in her teens, and by the time my parents married in 1959, the carved camphor wood chest was overflowing.  Along with their wedding presents, it was shipped across the Tasman to Melbourne where customs officials unpacked it and lined the contents up along Station Pier for inspection.

The chest still sits at the foot of my parents’ bed.

One thought on “For the Glory

  1. Oh gosh – I am constantly shocked at how far we have developed as the female species since the 40’s and 50’s. Doilies, tea cosies and embroidered whatsits… very different our lives are today! ( thank the Lord )


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