Eating Like a Bird

From Ngaire’s journal, 23rd April 1958
Carol had the day off school as she is to make her debut this evening.We had our hair set, did some shopping and returned home. We cleaned the house and prepared the dinner – baked ham, roast vegetables and greens, trifle and fruit salad.
Fortunately Mrs Shasky came in and helped Carol and me to dress, otherwise we should have been late.”

Caroline as a debutante

Caroline as a debutante

She certainly doesn’t look as though she’s just done some shopping, cleaned the house and eaten a good square meal – baked ham no less – followed by trifle and fruit salad.

I have a mental image of Mrs Shasky (the next door neighbour of tomato sauce fame) with her foot in the small of Mum’s back trying to get the zip done up. It’s all very ‘Gone With The Wind’.

“I wish to Heaven I was married,” she said resentfully as she attacked the yams with loathing… “I’m tired of acting like I don’t eat more than a bird…”  Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind.

2 thoughts on “Eating Like a Bird

  1. I like the idea that they were all very hale and hearty in those pre-diet obsessed days. I look back at the pictures of my mother in her heyday and she was beautiful, young and fleshy in a healthy radiant way…!


  2. Hilarious. Bit of a change from the outrageously over-priced body stockings barely covering their knickers, fake tan, fake nails,hair-stylist and 10 inch heels that young girls wear these days when going out formal-style! And I bet Caroline didn’t come home at 5 am with bits of carrot and trifle in her hair back in 1958!


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