While I Wasn’t Watching

From Ngaire’s journal, 7th March 1959
This morning Ge
rald received a letter from Stan Deans, Australia, asking for permission to announce his engagement to Carol.”

Somehow, summer has been and gone – I must have turned my back. I wonder if that’s how my parents feel about the last 53 years.Looking across to Akaroa, 1957

For those of you new to this blog (and for those who have lost the thread because I’ve been so unreliable of late), I’m reading my way through my grandmother Ngaire’s journals and cooking my way through her recipe book. My grandparents Ngaire and Gerald lived on an orchard in Christchurch, and my parents met when my father Stan travelled to New Zealand on a working holiday.

That’s how I came to be raised in the flattest part of Victoria by a very Christchurch sort of girl whose heart was always, at least a little, in the Port Hills of Canterbury.


5 thoughts on “While I Wasn’t Watching

  1. Great to have you back and I suspect your mothers heart still is a little bit in the Port Hills…….can take the girl out of Canterbury but you cant take Canterbury out of the girl – our mothers are the perfect examples ! xx


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