From Ngaire’s journal, 8th December, 1950
I iced two Christmas cakes today, one for ourselves and one for the carollers who are to have supper with us on Christmas Eve.”

Bottling apricotsAnd, not to be outdone, I have:

put the marzipan on my (one) Christmas cake

bottled 16 jars of apricots

made 6kg of apricot jam

organised the Christmas tree (but not the decorations)


made the Christmas pudding and put it on to boil.

It’s going to be a late night.

One thought on “Productivity

  1. Well I never! It’s like reading something from Downton Abbey! You’re Mrs Patsmore the Cook! And I like to think of myself more as Mary – the heiress who can’t boil water. I wish I could say you’ve inspired me. But you’ ve just made me grumpy with myself that I cannt bottle fruit and make Chrissy cakes , jam, puddings and marzipan ( what IS that anyway?)


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