3 Peas in a Pod

From Ngaire’s Journal, 2nd December 1948
“I took the children to school this morning as it was the Elmwood School Flower Show. It was a great event for the children. Carol and Warwick were very thrilled as they both were awarded as follows:

Ngaire with Carol and Warwick - 1949Warwick
3 peas in a pod – Highly com.
3 spring onions – 3rd

Aquilegias – 1st
Sweet peas – 2nd
Pinks – Highly com.

I went straight into town from the school and did my Christmas shopping and returned home at 12 noon.
This afternoon I went to see the show and afterwards visited Mrs Easton, the wife of Rev Clarence Easton who married us.

Gerald has gone to the Fruitgrowers’ Meeting tonight.”

Just another quiet day then.

Mum and Uncle Warwick’s skill in the garden stuck. The sunny side of the garage wall at Mum and Dad’s is covered with sweet peas every year and I never leave their house without a few cuttings or a bunch of flowers. Warwick graduated from threes to producing vast quantities of apples and stone fruit on the family orchard in Prestons Road and, since retiring from that, works in the Department of Agricultural Science at Lincoln University in Christchurch.

As for me, I finally have my veggie boxes going in the back yard and, following a small hiccup (they weren’t draining properly and smelt so foul I’m sure the neighbors thought I had a body hidden in the garden), am self sufficient in lettuce, rocket and basil, and have produced three prize snow peas.

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