It’s Beginning to Feel a bit Like Panic

From Ngaire’s journal, 21st November 1950
Made the Christmas Mince and Puddings and cleaned all the windows.

Good grief,  I turn my back on this blog for 5 minutes and she’s gone ahead and made the Christmas mince and puddings and cleaned the bloody windows. And made three Christmas Cakes.

3rd November 1953
Made 3 Christmas cakes today. One for Christmas Day. One for Christmas Eve and to give pieces away, and a small one to take with us to Akaroa.

The last five weeks have vanished in a blur of deadlines (I work as a freelance corporate writer), assignments (I’m studying professional writing and editing), celebrations (Max turned 13 and things got a bit out of hand), farewells (my husband’s lovely Uncle Guyse died), very early mornings (rowing season has started again) and a spot of genuine housekeeping (last weekend I was overwhelmed by the need to sort and archive all the winter clothes which may have been a form of procrastination or just a genetic thing I really can’t fight).

None of this would have made any difference to Ngaire of course (possibly because of the amphetamine-based diet pills she was almost certainly taking) so tomorrow I’m getting back on track and heading out to buy dried fruit and nuts. If not tomorrow, definitely the next day – there’s still 33 and a bit days until Christmas.

6 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Feel a bit Like Panic

  1. God, just reading about your last 5 weeks makes me feel pooped Michelle. LOVE the hand-written recipe. Look forward to seeing photos of the finished product(s). Sorry to hear about your husband’s Uncle.


    • Thanks S. You should be pooped – every time I turn around there’s another post from you. Love the poached chicken. Exactly what I feel like now that the weather’s warmer. (What I feel like eating that is; I only feel like a poached chicken on the very warm days!)


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