The Bride Flight

From Ngaire’s journal, 11th October 1953 (more of the Great Air Race)
We arose at 5.40 am and arrived at Harewood at 6.20 am just in time to see the Dutch aeroplane land. A great crowd of Dutch folk had congregated waving flags and singing. One young bride-to-be, as soon as she was fumigated, rushed to meet her lover who, against all orders, rushed across the grounds to meet her. It did not matter to them that thousands of people watched them embrace. I baked scones for tea as we were running short of bread.”

ApparMy beautiful pictureently, the Dutch plane was nicknamed the ‘Bride Flight’ because it was carrying a number of Dutch brides-to-be fleeing Holland in the wake of World War II.  Fleeing into the arms of ‘strait-laced New Zealand menfolk’ if everything I read is to be believed.

In 2008, Dutch director Ben Sombogaart made a movie about the flight, based on the bestselling book Bruidsvlucht by Marieke van der Pol.
I’m going to track it down and watch it because I have to know if they included the fumigating.

In the meantime, if I’m going to stay true to my mission, I suppose I should go and bake scones.

Bruidsvlucht! (Just needed to say that again.)

3 thoughts on “The Bride Flight

  1. One young bride- to- be, as soon as she was fumigated, rushed to meet her lover who – ?????? ,surely
    has to be the opening to one of the greatest novels ever written.


  2. Lovely post Michelle. Will forward it to my mum. She has a keen interest in Dutch history, especially migration. I know she’ll love this. Bruidsvlucht! It IS a pretty fantastic word isn’t it.


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