The Joy of Industry

From Ngaire’s journal, 4th October, 1952 (following the Durham Street Methodist Church Fête)
I have never seen such a wonderful cake and delicatessen stall (as the one) which was run by the Fireside Circle. The Women’s Guild was in charge of the Work Stall and the Men’s Fellowship had the toys etc. There was a nail driving competition. Harold Skelton had a large chopping block into which people drove nails at a charge of 6d. Arnold Heath won with 2 strokes. Warwick and Ray Barrill were equal 1st in the hobby display. They made Meccano models and won an ever-sharp pencil each.”

6th October 1954
I went to the Guild meeting and Mrs. Watson demonstrated making floor mops from skeins of wool.”

Having spent a few hours trailing around a shopping centre this morning, I feel the need to make something (though not necessarily a mop) but first I’m going to chase my 13 year-old off the computer and into his Meccano.  Or maybe I’ll set up a nail-driving competition in the back yard.

Have a lovely weekend.

One thought on “The Joy of Industry

  1. You’ve got me all excited now Michelle. We’re off to a rural fête/fair next weekend. I know there’s a wood-chop event, but I sincerely hope there’s a nail-driving competition too. Actually, a backyard nail-drive could be just the ticket for the last day of the school holidays. Thanks for the inspiration. Outside you go boys…


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