For the Want of…

From Ngaire’s journal, 12th August 1959
Did some shopping. Trailed the town to match material but without success. This Labour Govt. needs to be voted out.”

Honestly, was it really too much to expect that the shops would carry a decent range of matching accessories? After all,  in 1959 New Zealand was being led by Walter Nash who, prior to becoming Prime Minister, had run a tailoring business and been a wool and cloth salesman. You’d think he’d have had some idea.

Of course, four months out from her only daughter’s wedding, Ngaire may not have been at her most forgiving. In the end, in typical Ngaire style, she decided that the issue was one of exclusivity.

17th September, 1959
The material I have bought to wear at Carol’s wedding is so exclusive that I cannot get anything to match it. I have had shoes and handbag dyed.”

11 thoughts on “For the Want of…

  1. love it and loved inefficient housekeeping – so sad there are no gory details to be had … dust balls? hair balls? food left to waste? whites and colored washing put in together and then left to run together… oooh


  2. …and not forgetting crumbs in the cutlery drawer, un-ironed pillow slips, potatoes sprouting in the pantry, towels on the clothes line for at least a week and bought biscuits in the tins. We could write a guide book!


  3. Ngaire doesn’t mention (or you don’t) what her material was. Maybe it was leopard Skin or Lamé even?
    Poor Labour Government…. wonder how the dyeing went. I could not imagine dyeing a handbag with any success AT ALL.


    • Good Lord stedmaninfrance, Ngaire would have voted Labour before she wore ‘pard or lamé. Good point well raised though. Leave it with me and I will track down photographic evidence of the outfit, including handbag.


      • I have the handbag, and it’s still in fabulous condition – I will send you a pic…I can assure you it’s not leopard print!


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